Why Engineering

Top 10 Reasons to Become an Engineer at BCOE

1. You make a world of difference.

When you choose engineering, you're choosing to make an impact in the world: whether that's creating the next generation of computers, improving the delivery of cancer-treating drugs, or literally building rocket ships to take us out of this world.

2. You accept the challenge - and reap the reward.

We won’t tell you that studying engineering is easy. But we will have your back with a full support system of faculty, advisors and staff - and your hard work will be worth it.

3. You solve real-world problems.

How can we combat climate change? What computers do we need to support modern communications? And how can we feed the world with droughts and pest invasions on the rise? These are some of the big questions that our engineers are working to answer - and you can too!

4. You flex your creativity.

Who says scientists aren't creative? In fact, the greatest engineering challenges are solved only when seeing things through a new lens. If you've got a keen eye for optimizing and improving things in unique ways, then engineering is for you.

5. You learn a universal language.

Engineering is a universal language that knows no borders and opens up opportunities across the globe. Many of our faculty and students come from diverse backgrounds and bring expertise and perspectives from countries around the world.


6. You shape the future.

Engineers are to thank for many of today’s modern inventions. At BCOE, our faculty researchers work on exciting future-focused projects!




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7. You can pursue groundbreaking research.

With foundational engineering knowledge, you’ll be equipped to tackle today’s biggest research problems. At BCOE, we have 11 world-class research centers which all need the brightest minds – that’s YOU!

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8. You can count on job security.

Engineers will always be in demand in growing disciplines like data science, biotechnology and more. The proof is in the pudding - more than 90% of alumni secure employment or pursue an advanced degree after graduating. 
(UCR Alumni Roll Call, 2020) 

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9. You can become an entrepreneur.

If you have a new idea or invention, engineering is the way to make it happen. With lots of resources for entrepreneurs at UCR, we're ready to help you kick start your own company.

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10. Engineering is a top paid profession.

The median annual income for engineers is $104,600.
So you can love what you do - and live comfortably.

(U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022)





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